A Little Piece Of Me

A Little Piece Of Me
A Little Piece Of Me

I’m having a nice time at the moment.
The end of last year was crazy busy, and the universe was so kind as to involve me in a small and relatively inconsequential car accident just to remind me to slow down, focus and remember what’s important in this amazing life of mine.
So I have slowed. And my cup is overflowing with gratitude.
I’m not one to go in for all of those inspirational quotes but what I can say about being in my 30s and having a family is that I don’t have to look too much further than healthy bodies and quality time together to get me feeling pretty wonderful.

So I have put myself on holidays.
Since Christmas, I have taken the kids “quiet time” after lunch not as a chance to run around doing chores and working but to read! I haven’t read properly for a long time and I love to feel my body melting into the story (and into the couch).
I’m staying in bed right until the kids drag me out of it, rather than getting up and getting organised an hour before the rest of the family.
We had lots of Christmas parties but officially gave up on late New Year’s Eve celebrations and had our first family-friendly bash – we were home by 9pm and you know what? We had a ball. Sure, our stories of the night weren’t quite as exciting and scandalous as our friends who chose the big party option but I don’t think I need that right now.
As for my two little girls, I am soaking in every little bit of them. My 4 year old loves to tell us fantastical stories of mermaids and flying dolphins with magical powers, throwing in as many big and fancy words as she can, whether they make complete sense or not. She draws unicorns and ballerinas prolifically before having her daily swim, mostly working on her duck-diving skills.
Our baby is 18 months and has just started to talk. She excitedly greets any animal we come across, whether real or a picture on a packet of cat biscuits. She’s loves a laugh and she knows that when she puts on her sister’s tutu, a pair of goggles and a beach hat, she looks awesome.
With my big girl starting school this year, I feel keenly aware that this time in our lives won’t last forever and in the blink of an eye we’ll be dealing with excitable tweens, sulky teenagers and the often eventful transition into adulthood. I know I can’t freeze time but I can take the time to be right here, in the moment to love it all.
Life can’t always be this slow, pretty soon I’m going to have to refocus on the business that I love and that I made myself (!), get our major house renovation finished so we can finally live in our own home, refine my lunchbox skills and learn how to get everyone organised and out the door by 8.30am. I know at times it will feel overwhelming and unmanageable but I’m working on balance and I’m going to remember what, or rather who really matters.
I look forward to lots of one-on-one time with my rapidly growing baby and seeing my big girl bloom into a school kid.
Life isn’t perfect and it never will be, but there is plenty to be happy about right now. Today.