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Is There a Role For Nutrition In Treating Hair Loss?

Is There a Role For Nutrition In Treating Hair Loss?

Exists a Duty For Nourishment In Dealing With Loss Of Hair?

Could something as standard as insufficient health and nutrition really help in too much losing of hair?
Does practical health and nutrition have a function to play in aiding hair to regrow?
The solution to both inquiries is yes! There is certainly that unsatisfactory health and nutrition and hectic way of livings can result in hair loss. Modern diet plans can be related to an amount of nutritional shortages that are actually thought to add to loss of hair:
The refining of whole grains lowers the B vitamin information.
Over cooking food of veggies damages B vitamins.
Raw leafy veggies are nonexistent in the majority of diet plans.
The vitamins that have been actually consumed are often re-directed to help with the digestive function of nutritionally sterile carbs like sweets as well as white colored flour.
Stimulants like high levels of caffeine, nicotene and liquor rob the body of essential nutrients.
Too much sodium intake can easily urge loss of hair due to its possibility to gather in tissue.
Reduced thread consumption prevents digestive function hence minimizing the body's capacity to provide nutrients to the blood flow.
Clearly poor health and nutrition can induce loss of hair given that the body system will definitely allocate nutrients in a pecking order of essential organs initially and hair final. It is actually improbable that boosted nutrition alone will certainly result in brand-new hair development but it will certainly minimize shedding and help other treatments that encourage regrowth.
You may find out more regarding the usefulness of sound nutrition in preserving healthy hair at the web site listed here.

Is There A Role For Nutrition In Dealing With Hair Loss?

Is There A Role For Nutrition In Dealing With Hair Loss?

Is There A Function For Health And Nutrition In Managing Loss Of Hair?

Could something as simple as inadequate nourishment definitely add to excessive shedding of hair?

Carries out wise nutrition possess a duty to play in aiding hair to grow back?

The answer to each inquiries is yes! There is actually certainly that inadequate health and nutrition and also hectic lifestyles may contribute to loss of hair. Modern diet plans can be related to a lot of dietary shortages that are actually believed to result in hair loss:

1. The refining from whole grains reduces the B vitamin web content.

2. Over preparing food of vegetables destroys B vitamins.

3. Raw leafy veggies are absent in a lot of diets.

4. The vitamins that have actually been eaten are actually typically re-directed to promote the digestive function of nutritionally sterile carbohydrates like sugar and also white colored flour.

5. Stimulants like coffee, nicotene and also alcoholic drinks rob the physical body of crucial nutrients.

6. Too much salt intake can motivate hair loss because of its own propensity to collect in cells.

7. Low thread consumption hinders food digestion therefore lowering the physical body's potential to deliver nutrients to the blood flow.

Precisely unsatisfactory nourishment could induce hair loss since the physical body will definitely ration nutrients in a power structure from important organs first and hair final. This is actually improbable that boosted health and nutrition alone will definitely lead to new hair growth but it are going to minimize shedding as well as help various other treatments that motivate regrowth.

Types Of Hair Loss Treatment Available To Sufferers

Types Of Hair Loss Treatment Available To Sufferers

Types Of Hair Loss Procedure On Call To Victims

The loss of hair therapies laid out listed below can certainly not offer definitive remedies for all loss of hair conditions, however they perform work with regimes that a lot of sufferers have discovered beneficial. In other words, they are examples from possible answers that a lot of patients have actually decided on after honestly examining the reasons for their loss of hair along with their assumptions.

This post will definitely concentrate on four fundamental techniques:

1. A medications located approach for those that do not mind taking strong drugs.

2. An office product approach for those who prefer a non-drug remedy yet which still want a procedure that possesses a track record.

3. A natural remedy approach for those which like to adhere to the all-natural route.

4. A dietary technique for those which wish to embrace an even more all natural standpoint.

It continues to be a simple fact that merely pair of loss of hair procedures have been actually permitted by the FDA and also each may be identified as strong drug-based drugs. Propecia (finasteride) is actually the procedure from option for many males with really good main reason – this tends to function! It is a strong medicine that inhibits the buildup from DHT in the device, at some point to an amount that is actually adequately reduced to motivate a typical development cycle. Rogaine (minoxidil) behaves in different ways in that it promotes hair development in both men and women through overriding the dominating hair loss symptoms. These medications could be used either on their own or in mix. Girls should seek specialist health care advise before making use of Propecia.

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The world from business hair loss items is a lot less apparent and this is actually listed below that lots of scamsters pursue their trade to rip-off unwary customers. The most effective advise I could provide right here is analysis, study, and also a lot more study! A lot of helpful items are available on the market but none have been actually authorized by the FDA. Possibly the most ideal, and absolutely most well-liked, readily accessible products are actually those consisting of all-natural active ingredients that have actually been actually shown in area trials to lower loss of hair and encourage regrowth. You can easily learn more concerning these items through going to the site detailed in the end of the write-up.

Progressively, folks are actually resorting to all-natural loss of hair solutions as they find to battle thinning hair. This possesses an obvious charm for many patients and there is actually increasing evidence to sustain the view that some all-natural remedies could work in reducing loss of hair. The absolute most prominent active ingredients of all-natural hair loss treatments include ginko biloba, eco-friendly tea, he shou wu, pygeum, saw palmetto as well as painful nettle. Each of these is illustrated in additional detail in an extra article entitled “Herbal Remedies That Provide Hope”.

That is coming to be more and more noticeable that unsatisfactory nourishment and also contemporary way of lives can possess a negative effect on health, as well as loss of hair is no exemption. At one of the most fundamental amount, enhanced nutrition may lessen dropping and also help other therapies that urge regrowth. This could be achieved through:

– eating enough amounts of protein.

– consuming suitable levels from valuable carbohydrates.

– accomplishing a healthy and balanced harmony from diet fats.

Types of Hair Loss Treatment Currently Available

Types of Hair Loss Treatment Currently Available

Types of Loss Of Hair Therapy Currently Available

The loss of hair procedures detailed here could certainly not supply conclusive cures for all loss of hair problems, however they carry out stand for regimens that many patients have actually found beneficial. Simply puts, they are instances of potential solutions that a lot of people have decided on after honestly assessing the root causes of their loss of hair together with their expectations.
This article will definitely concentrate on four basic strategies:
1. A medications located approach for those who don't mind having solid medicines.
2. A commercial item technique for those who favor a non-drug answer but which still wish a treatment that has a record.
3. A natural remedy method for those who prefer to comply with the organic option.
4. A dietary strategy for those that wish to use an even more alternative standpoint.

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This stays a truth that just two loss of hair therapies have been actually authorized due to the FDA as well as each can be classed as tough drug-based medications. Propecia (finasteride) is the treatment from selection for a lot of men with really good cause – this usuallies operate! That is actually a powerful drug that inhibits the development of DHT in the system, inevitably to a degree that is actually adequately low to motivate an ordinary growth cycle. Rogaine (minoxidil) functions in different ways during that this promotes hair development in each males and females through bypassing the dominating hair loss signs and symptoms. These drugs can be used either on their own or in mix. Girls need to look for qualified clinical guidance before making use of Propecia.
The globe of commercial loss of hair items is actually considerably a lot less clear cut as well as that is below that lots of scamsters layer their business to rip-off unsuspecting consumers. The greatest recommendations I could give listed here is research, research, and also much more research study! Many useful items are offered on the market place but none have been actually permitted by FDA. Probably the most ideal, as well as absolutely most popular, readily offered products are those consisting of all-natural active ingredients that have been actually displayed in area tests to lessen loss of hair as well as promote regrowth. You can easily determine more regarding these items by exploring the web site specified in the end of the short article.
Significantly, folks are actually depending on all-natural loss of hair remedies as they seek to fight decreasing hair. This has a noticeable appeal for a lot of patients and there is actually growing documentation to sustain the viewpoint that some natural solutions could work in cutting loss of hair. One of the most well-known components from natural hair loss therapies include ginko biloba, environment-friendly tea, he shou wu, pygeum, viewed palmetto and also painful nettle. Each of these is explained in more detail in an augmenting article allowed “Herbal Remedies That Offer Hope”.
It is ending up being more and more noticeable that unsatisfactory nourishment as well as contemporary lifestyles may have an adverse effect on wellness, as well as hair loss is no exemption. At the best essential amount, improved nutrition can minimize shedding as well as support other therapies that motivate regrowth. This can be obtained by:
consuming enough volumes from protein.
eating proper degrees from practical carbohydrates.
accomplishing a well-balanced equilibrium of diet fats.

Ways To Deal With Hair Loss

Ways To Deal With Hair Loss

Ways To Deal With Loss Of Hair

A fantastic many people struggle with loss of hair complications in the course of their lives, and also having to deal with thinning hair– particularly at an earlier grow older– can confirm really nerve-racking as well as traumatic. Our experts often affiliate hair loss with advancing years, yet the fact is that there are actually numerous causes of this issue as well as this can easily impact anyone and at any sort of grow older. From little hairless spots to high amount hair loss, different people could be had an effect on in various means, frequently depending upon the reason for the issue. Thankfully, there are actually an amount of options accessible nowadays that can help with ensuring regrowth of the hair. Frequently the solution that is most effective will definitely rely on a number of factors, including the root cause of the issue, the level of loss, as well as your finances. Nonetheless, different treatments satisfy various folks, and also you may locate that a solution that has focused on a close friend might do nothing for your concern.
Profiting from hair loss solutions

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Medicines, vitamins, as well as natural solutions Products for the treatment this problem have been around for several years, but in the past have actually been addressed along with some hesitation as well as scepticism. Nonetheless, over times, the products readily available in relations to procedure for thinning hair or loss of hair have greatly boosted as well as lots of folks have actually located results through the stable of over-the-counter options and medicines developed to help with the development from new hair as well as hair follicle renovation. You can easily also obtain medicine on prescribed for this complication, including regaine, and for many this has verified the excellent service, although you must make sure that you check the negative effects with each prescription as well as nonprescription remedies. Vitamins and also organic treatments are additionally available and can assist with this issue, yet again the reason for the hair loss– which could possibly range coming from illness and medicine adverse effects to stress and anxiety and bad diet plan– will definitely frequently establish how helpful each treatment for hair loss will certainly be actually.

Transplants could show the excellent option Although even more expensive in comparison to standard services for the treatment of loss of hair, transplants are actually becoming significantly well-known as a remedy merely due to the fact that this kind of procedure is both irreversible as well as reliable. By implanting off a well-balanced area from the scalp, the surgeon may at that point hair transplant hair and well-balanced roots to the damaged region, thereby doing away with the baldness concern and ensuring regrowth later on. For many, this is one of the most natural and helpful procedure for their trouble.

Since the cause of loss of hair can easily differ therefore commonly, that is essential to try and also establish the source of the problem just before seeking to manage that. If you notice that you are dropping your hair through just about anything apart from aging it is essential to look for health care advise before treatment. You can then determine which kind from treatment could absolute best match your requirements.

The Popularity Of The Laser Hair Removal Machine

The Popularity Of The Laser Hair Removal Machine

The Popularity Of The Laser Hair Removal Machine

In our culture today, it seems that the less body hair you have, the more attractive you are considered. Over time, people have tried many things in an attempt to remove their unwanted body hair, with little regard to pain and expense it seems. Shaving that can leave you with cuts and rashes, bleaching that can cause skin irritation, tweezing that can be painful and tedious, waxing that is very painful, and using depilatories that melt away hair (and sometimes skin) are some of the methods people have employed in the fight against body hair. Most everyone that desires to rid himself or herself of unattractive or embarrassing body hair would favor a way to do so that will take away the hair forever. Unfortunately, that only comes with electrolysis, which is highly expensive and requires many treatments. That is why laser hair removal has been growing in popularity. It promises quick removal of hair from the root, and pledges that the hair will grow back at a very slow rate. If you are considering the procedure of laser hair removal, it is smart to learn about the procedure, and that you find a reputable and practitioner that knows how to properly use the laser hair removal machine that will be used to carry out the procedure on you.

Laser hair removal works when a technician or physician uses a hand-held machine to push and light beams through the device into the hair follicles. This light is aimed at the dark pigment in your hair, and causes damage to the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue. The procedure is somewhat painful, despite many claims by some laser hair removal professionals to the contrary. Most clinics will make available several pain reduction techniques, including skin cooling with gels, sprays, water mist, or air.

There are a great many plusses to laser hair removal. The most important one is the long-term removal of unwanted hair, or it's permanent reduction in appearance, which can diminish embarrassment. Any regrowth of hair often comes in lighter in color and finer in texture. If performed correctly by a technician or physician that knows how to operate a laser hair removal machine, the procedure is considered safe. If you have a large area on your body with a great deal of hair, such as your back, chest, or legs, laser hair removal will work best for you. Fair-skinned people with darker body hair usually get the best results with this procedure.

With the plusses, there are, of course, the minuses. There is very little long-term medical evidence to suggest laser hair removal's safety or effectiveness. Since every body is different, it is difficult to establish concrete regrowth scales. Laser hair removal tends to not work as effectively on gray, red, or blonde hairs, and it must be performed very carefully on people with darker skin tones or who tan themselves regularly. Having laser hair removal can result in burns, abrasions, or skin discoloration. And since some people don't respond to it at all, the decision to have it done should be carefully made.

There are many establishments out there who perform laser hair removal that make claims that the procedure is painless, that the hair removal is completely permanent, and that there will be absolutely no hair regrowth. There are currently FDA regulations in place that prohibit anyone to make these claims. But, because there is no real legal regulation of who can purchase laser hair removal machines, for training on the use of them, or quality control standards, there is a great risk for physical injury if you take a chance with someone who is not a licensed physician, or a highly reputable laser hair removal technician. By making laser hair removal machines more widely available by not restricting those who can purchase them, it might make it more affordable, but it also increases the risks to those who choose to undergo the procedure. It is not worth the risks just to save money by going to someone who might not have the expertise to use the laser hair removal machine.

Choosing a person to do your laser hair removal should be a long and well thought out process. Take heed to choose a physician or clinic that will give you a free in-office consultation. Ask as many questions as possible, including questions regarding the laser hair removal machine, pain relief, costs and fees, and post-procedure treatment. Observe the office and equipment to see that they are clean. Talk to former customers, and ask them questions about the clinic or physician's manner and service. Ask to get a test patch done before you make any commitments, and do not make a commitment to have the procedure done at the consultation meeting. Think carefully about it. By taking time to make your choice, you will get the best price and the best experience, and have the best possible outcome with your laser hair removal.

Herbal Hair Loss Remedies That Offer Hope

Herbal Hair Loss Remedies That Offer Hope

Plant Based Hair Loss Solutions That Deal Chance

Weeds store an evident beauty for many people since they assist the body's all-natural recovery devices to target the cause of the problem, as opposed to just tackling the signs. This would be wrong to existing plant based hair loss treatments as a miracle service for all patients – there is actually having said that developing evidence to assist the scenery that some plant based treatments give real intend to many people.

Allow's review the scenario for several of the more well-liked treatments to identify if they're worth trying.

Ginkyo biloba – this prominent cannabis is thought to improve blood stream flow to the mind and skin. Herbalists think that the increased circulation from blood stream to the brain location supplies much more nutrients to the hair roots thereby ensuring hair regrowth. The encouraged dosage is 120-160mg from dry out extract each day top three doses.

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Environment-friendly tea (Camellia sinesis) – that is actually believed that catechins discovered in green herbal tea could prevent the chemical 5-alpha-reductase that converts testosterone right into hair-unfriendly DHT. This is actually for that reason felt to become efficient in stopping as well as handling male pattern type hair loss. You should drink numerous cups from green herbal tea daily or have that in capsule type as taught due to the manufacturer.

He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) – additionally known as Fo-Ti, this Mandarin natural herb has typically been made use of to minimize loss of hair. It is found in lots of office preparations, or even in herbal tea as well as pill kind.

Pygeum (Pygeum africanum) – derived from the bark from a time tested, that functions in a comparable means to eco-friendly herbal tea. This is actually commonly made use of to alleviate prostate troubles and male pattern hair loss. Users should have 60-500mg each day in pill or capsule type.

Saw palmetto (Seranoa repens) – this is actually the existing therapy from selection for several guys as a result of its own capability to safeguard the prostate, slow loss of hair and also urge hair regrowth. That creates the center component from a lot of commercially well prepared loss of hair procedures but can quickly be actually acquired in its pure type. The suggested dosage is a 160mg capsule two times daily, but make sure the substances are created coming from the berry essence not the dried out berries on their own.

Painful nettle (Urtica diocia) – this has long been preferred as a means of avoiding hair loss because of its capability to obstruct the sale from testosterone level into DHT. This may be absorbed pill or capsule form with a the best possible dosage of 50-100mg per day. This is actually specifically efficient when mixed with pygeum and also saw palmetto.

Not Born Blonde? Tips On How To Lighten Your Hair

Not Born Blonde? Tips On How To Lighten Your Hair

Not Birthed Golden-haired? Tips On Effective Ways To Lighten Your Hair

Lightening your hair could be a great technique to modify our appearance and demonstrate an other outlook. Or bring in the summer months, or declare a brand-new work or time period in your lifestyle. If you can not pay for to head to a beauty shop, attempt these pointers on ways to lighten your hair to prevent brassy and terribly ruined hair.

* When performing regrowth, don't apply all the hair shade to each one of your head. Comply with the directions on the package, which consistently mention to use color to begin with to the origins, for a specific time period. At that point, use the lightener to the rest of your hair. If you don't perform this, you are going to end up effectively putting an end to completions of your hair. And even the parts of the hair ray that don't rather get to that phase is going to be actually significantly deteriorated and quite very likely to break off very simply.

You could require a good friend to assist you reduce your hair, yet at the very least the additional attempt will suggest you possess a far better looking different colors, and also far better hair health condition.

* Use a brush and also section the hair. Its own much easier to use the lightener evenly in this manner. Usage clips to maintain the remainder of your hair out of the way whilst you work on each segment.

* Hair should remain in sensibly excellent problem to have peroxide located lighteners, specifically if you are choosing a look that is actually a lot lighter in comparison to your organic or even base hair different colors. Usage healthy protein treatments to strengthen your hair first, if its own certainly not fit. Or go with a handful of highlights to match your reduce rather. And also bear in mind to make use of intensive moisturizing therapies afterwards, too. You can alternate both weekly for a few weeks. At that point, if your hair no longer needs to have conditioning, stop making use of the healthy protein treatment. You will definitely most likely should make use of the humidity therapy still, though.

* If you want a sunlight smooched look – go for a colour that is just 1 or 2 tones lighter in comparison to your all-natural hair shade. Get a close friend in order to help you, as well as ‘interweave' the highlights via your hair. The technique is certainly not to have the color appearing also chunky. You can make an effort going for a weave effect through resembling the technique a near actions by means of a false hair when it is made.

Making use of completion from a long comb or even hair coloring comb, quick over and also under a section of hair, choosing the hair that is left on the leading of the manage. Then, with a part of light weight aluminum foil useful, put the hair on the aluminum foil and administer the hair lightener. This is exactly what hair stylists do in order to get a subtle and combined impact.

* If you desire to go quite a lot lighter compared to your organic or servile color, you might need to do that progressively. Darker hair may be challenging to reduce, a minimum of if you desire to keep any sort of health condition and also size to your style. So you could should jeopardize initial and go for even more of a sugar shade, and after that experience a process of making use of healthy protein as well as wetness treatments every week for a month to strengthen your hair once again.

When administering lightener the very first time, comply with the guidelines on the packet, as well as examine your hair at frequent periods. You'll must examine both for color and disorder. Scrub completions from part of your hair to view just how lightweight this is actually getting, and to see whether this degenerates whatsoever. If that starts to disintegrate or break off, you'll need to rinse the hair lightener, despite how many gold or orange shades are actually left behind. This is actually where a semi permanent caramel color are going to can be found in. Apply this all over your hair once you have actually rinsed the peroxide located lightener. After that use two therapies weekly, a healthy protein and also a wetness treatment, for concerning a month.

After that you can make an effort again. Yet make sure when performing your regrowth. Adhere to the guidelines for using shade to regrowth typically you are going to badly ruin your hair.

Do not lose way too much hair ailment for lighter hair. Team up with your hair so you end up looking a thousand dollars, rather than ten!

Eyebrow Regrowth

Eyebrow Regrowth

Brow Regrowth

There are actually some women that are actually tolerated along with eyebrows to crave, yet a lot of our company have to perform a little job to keep them looking terrific. Several have a terrific natural condition, yet they need a little bit of job. I possess very thick eyebrows, so for me the excellent thing to do is actually to enter when every couple of full weeks to get all of them waxed. Though I need to most likely perform this once a full week I just do not possess the moment to do therefore. That implies that in between visits I must worry about eyebrow regrowth in order to always keep things for coming to hairy up there.

There are a couple of usual regions where brow regrowth may trigger you problems. All you need to have is actually tweezers to deal with factors as they can be found in. You need to look for brow regrowth between your eyebrows above your nostrils, along all-time low of your brow, and along the side of your external eye were that could have developed out after polishing. You can easily utilize your tweezers to draw these hairs out while you wait for your following session.

You can wax your brows in the house if you want to, yet you may discover that you have brow regrowth coming back a lot faster than you would if you go to a beauty parlor to get your waxing carried out. This is because the stuff you can buy in the outlet is actually poor to the wax they use in a beauty shop, and it just doesn't operate too. You might be actually tweezing the same day you wax due to the fact that it overlooked a great deal. It additionally missed the smaller sized hairs that may be actually hiding, as well as you are going to possess brow regrowth in a concern from a few hrs in many cases, however that carries out rely on just how rapid your hair expands.

You ought to deal with your eyebrow regrowth even though it does not look poor. Some hairs develop in incredibly alright, as well as they may certainly not be quite apparent. They do, however, affect your makeup. When you have fine hairs here your eyebrow the compose won't comply with your skin layer as that should, as well as you will find that subsides too quickly. If you deal with this alright brow regrowth in between check outs, you will not need to worry about this issue. It is actually nearly difficult to possess your eyebrows keep excellent in between brows through along with carrying out a little bit of additional job on your own, however if you only take a handful of seconds each early morning to tweeze lost hairs you ought to be actually alright.

Treatments that offer hope to hair loss sufferers

Treatments that offer hope to hair loss sufferers

Treatments that offer hope to hair loss sufferers

Many people experiencing premature hair loss simply resign themselves to a process that is as inevitable as growing old. This is a positive and healthy reaction to what is a natural process for many. But for others the onset of premature balding or excessive hair loss represents a traumatic development that causes untold worry and suffering. This too is a legitimate reaction regardless of whether the hair loss is caused by hereditary factors or some other more complex cause.

Should these sufferers just grin and bear it? No, they should not because there are a number of potentially effective treatments they could utilize, depending on the nature of their hair loss. In this article I will outline some of the most popular hair loss treatments currently available in order to reinforce the fact that hair loss can be treated. The next article in the series will look closely at the treatment regimes best suited to specific ailments such as alopecia areata and telogen effluvium.

At present only two medications have been approved as hair loss treatments by the FDA. These are minoxidil, better known as Rogaine, and finasteride, better known as Propecia. Several other drugs have proven to be effective in combating hair loss, dutasteride for example, but have not yet been approved for this particular use.

Finasteride was originally developed to treat enlarged prostate conditions but a low dose version was subsequently approved for the treatment of hair loss in men. It tackles the causes of male pattern baldness by preventing the conversion of 5-alpha-reductase into DHT. Given that DHT is the main male hormone linked to hair loss, reducing its production by two thirds has a major impact on controlling this type of baldness.

Research has shown that 83% of men studied were able to maintain their hair count and 64% experienced regrowth by the end of a two year period. It should be noted that finasteride is approved for use by men only as the drug can have serious effects on unborn male fetuses. Women should therefore only consider using this drug under the strict supervision of a physician.

Dutasteride (Avodart) is a new medication for use in treating prostate conditions and, although not yet approved for the treatment of hair loss, it does offer exciting possibilities. It works in a similar way to finasteride but reputedly reduces overall DHT production by over 93%. As is the case with finasteride, women should consult their physician before using dutasteride.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is the other hair loss treatment approved by the FDA and it is the only anti-baldness drug approved for women. Applied topically, its main benefit is its ability to stimulate regrowth thus reversing the effects of pattern baldness. Many users combine the application of minoxidil with other hair loss treatments like Propecia to achieve maximal results, but others experience satisfactory outcomes using minoxidil on its own.

Several studies have shown that certain non-drug products promote hair regrowth but none have yet been approved by the FDA. This is partly due to the prohibitive costs involved in conducting trials to prove that the products are effective for the purpose of marketing them as hair loss treatments. Many individuals and dermatologists nonetheless recommend use of certain non-drug treatments as an alternative or complement to drug therapy.

In many instances the treatments are based on natural ingredients that stimulate similar responses to those of the prescribed drugs but without the side effects. The information provided here presents a sample of products that have been subjected to testing or at least have had their effectiveness supported by independent feedback.

One such product is Arcon Tisane which has become Europe's top selling natural supplement for hair loss. It comes as a capsule and sub-lingual spray containing saw palmetto and fenugreek stimulating a response similar to that of finasteride by inhibiting the production of DHT. Arcon Tisane has been clinically tested and has received widespread media coverage of its success in combating hair loss.

Calosol is a relatively new product aimed at helping alopecia areata sufferers. It consists of a shampoo and an accelerator applied daily in order to stimulate hair roots, reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair. Early indications suggest that Calosol can contribute significantly to easing this distressing and difficult to treat condition.

Fabao 101 is a treatment that comes in varying formats, each designed to tackle a particular form of hair loss. The common factor to each product is their derivation from natural plant sources. It was developed by a dermatologist and has received many international awards.

Folligen copper peptide products are designed to help create an environment that improves scalp health, reduces hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth. It can be used by both men and women. Studies at over 30 leading universities and medical research institutes have established the effectiveness of the technology utilized in Folligen products.

Tricomin is another treatment that targets the delivery of copper to the base of the hair follicle and it too has been clinically proven as an effective treatment for stopping hair loss and stimulating regrowth. It can be used safely with other hair loss treatments and can be especially useful in complementing the effects of finasteride and minoxidil.

Revivogen is an all-natural hair loss treatment that reduces DHT production, blocks the androgen receptors and stimulates hair growth. It is used topically and has no known side effects.

Shen Min is another natural hair loss treatment designed to restore and regrow all types and stages of hair loss. It is safe for both men and women. Shen Min contains a blend of Chinese herbs and comes in various forms to suit most people.

ThymuSkin was developed by German scientists to fight hair loss in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Due to the high success rates the product was developed for use by the general public to combat all types of hair loss. Clinical studies conducted in Europe show that ThymuSkin hair loss treatments could help to stop baldness and regrow hair for 67% of men and 95% of women.

Hopefully this article has demonstrated that many treatment options are available to hair loss sufferers. The next article in this series will develop the theme further by examining the treatment regimes that have proven effective in tackling specific forms of hair loss such as androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata and telogen effluvium.