New and Improved Naturopop Kids!

New and Improved Naturopop Kids!
New and Improved Naturopop Kids!

I knew it. We all knew it.
The Kids pack needed some improvement. I think I was trying to impress the mums more than I was trying to impress the kids and we all know how that usually turns out.

So it was back to the drawing board and talking to the little people who are constantly surrounding me, about what they’d like to have in a bag of goodies.
The responses included; My Little Pony’s, lollies, ballerina outfits and musical instruments. They didn’t really get where I was trying to go with this…

So I took it upon myself to bring the excitement with fancy stainless steel water bottles from 360 Degrees with the reusable stainless steel straw, organic lollies from Biona (a SMALL packet!) and a fabulous berry choc chunk bar from Superfood for Kidz. The organic Kale chips stayed because they’re awesome and also from Loving Earth is now included some ridiculously yummy chocolate coconut butter, because nobody really believes it when they tell us that the certain other chocolate spread is good for little people. Some organic fruit and nut mix from Healthy Valley organics is also in there and the organic popcorn kernels from the Gluten Free Co stayed in the packs so your little ones can experience some simple but exciting fun in the kitchen.
kids pack 002
Let me know what you think!